Keywords and Copy: The Blogging Guide from Ish Mom

Join content creator Ish Mom as she walks you through the basics of what blogging is, how it differs from other forms of writing, and what it can do for your business or personal brand. You’ll also learn SEO basics like keyword research, getting your blog seen by potential readers, and generating leads with your writing. This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to create engaging, shareable content that attracts readers from all over the web.


Megan Imhoff

Megan Imhoff is the founder and writer of Ish Mom and co-owner of Always Relevant Digital. She’s been blogging since 2018 and has been featured in Authority Magazine, Filter Free Parents, and Sammiches and Psych Meds.



Get Started, Restarted, Fresh Started: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Coffee’s poured. Chair adjusted. Computer on. Now what? In this workshop, we’ll discuss methods for starting a new project, overcoming writer’s block, or picking up where you left off. Using the museum as a backdrop, participants will walk away with at least one new story idea, as well as techniques to inspire their current projects.


Nicky is a screenwriter with a passion for telling obscure stories in a specific format. Her writing has achieved numerous accolades, including the winner of 2016 Nashville Film Festival Short Screenplay Contest. Her work has allowed her to interact with writers, producers, and agents around the country. However, you’ll likely find her spending time with the real critics of her work, the adoptable pets at the HELP the Animals shelter, where she is the Director. 


Tell It Slant: The Uses of Fiction in Memoir

How much of storytelling involves the literal truth, and how much relies upon embellishment, fabrication, and subjective perspective to make it whole? This workshop begins with the premise that fiction is a vital storytelling tool for filling in the gaps of what we know. Through exercises, brief readings, and discussion, participants will explore the possibilities of “speculative reconstruction” by revisiting moments in the lives of others and their own.

Justin Chandler is a writer, editor, and teacher. He holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing & Pedagogy from Miami University, where he recently graduated with his Ph.D. in Literature. His work has appeared in Hobart and Epiphany, and a new short story is forthcoming in Epiphany‘s summer issue. Though based out of Cincinnati, Justin was born and raised in Richmond and is excited to be back in his hometown and working with local writers! You can find him on instagram @whatischandler or by email at


How to Find Your Voice

 In this workshop, we will look at how to dig deep and write with a passion to find your voice. We will look at different genres of literature and take some time to complete a brief writing prompt.


Mira is a survivor of domestic violence, empowerment coach, motivational speaker, and writer. As a teen, she studied at the local Youth Video Institute. This opportunity allowed her to interview and meet many influential people such as Nick Cannon, Vivica A. Fox, Susan L. Taylor, Jimmy Jam, and many others. Mira went on to take college courses in English, creative writing, and journalism and holds a General Studies degree.

Sadly, Mira was in a relationship for nearly 18 years where physical, emotional, mental, and sexual violence persisted. However, with a combination of faith, resilience, hard work, and her ability to rediscover self-worth, she was able to break free and reclaim her identity.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Mira works to uplift women by organizing women’s empowerment retreats where women can rediscover themselves, heal, and overcome trauma.